Can you lose weight in a month?

A quick update on the site itself – I’ve added a downloads section. There’s a diet tips sheet available for free as a handy reminder for effective dieting. Enjoy!


Hello fellow diet seekers!

I think I know why you’re here. You want to know, can you lose weight in a month? Well, I have some self experiment-backed answers for you.

OK, it’s not an experiment in the sense of being scientific. It’s by no means scientific, more so playing it by ear.

To reduce the science factor a little more, I definitely won’t be exploring any drug-fueled supplements. No diet pills on this trip.

diet pills not need to lose weight in a month
I will not be taking any dietary supplements or secret Chinese potions

The most scientifically engineered substance I consume is protein powders and meal replacement shakes.


Can you lose weight in a month?

Was not the first question that came to my mind. I know I can – I’ve done it in the past. The difference is this time round I’ve taken to chronicling my experience.

Usually I would allow a little more time for dieting. I’m speaking as if I’m a chronic dieter – I’m not. I’m overweight. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life.

In the past I’ve had great success with a certain diet (not to everyone’s ability). My biggest problem is I’m unable to keep the weight down.

This time round my aim is to slim down (more like trim down) for the summer holiday. Our family summer holiday, in fact. I figured it would be nice to not have the Michelin man’s shadow follow me round on the beach.


My aims, methods, etc.

My objective is to be in better shape for a family holiday. My aim is to do something about it in the 32 days leading up to said holiday.

I’ve taken a couple of before pictures and recorded my weight on day zero. I’m weighing myself every morning as soon as I wake up and recording it at every step.

I’ll use this data to draw a pretty graph at the end.

Every day I plan what I’m going to eat based on the principle of eating little and often. I’m dividing my daily eating into five “meals”.

Realistically only one is a meal, the rest I’d consider snack size.


Hey, no one said dieting was easy!